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I rekindled a romance with clay 7 years ago and have been happily addicted ever since.  I love exploring the contents of my mind with this responsive medium.  (If only all my human friends were so willing to be pushed and pulled around as I pleased!) 

We do have our struggles at times. The clay can have it’s own opinions about the way our creative venture will go and the personality of the offspring of this union.

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I enjoy this dance with a medium that “touches back”, giving form to ideas, emotions and dreams with my well-grounded friend.  We live in an archetypal world given life and breath by the real life situations that inspire our work.

I explore themes of transformation, layers of personality, and the relationship with self and others.  I investigate the human body as container, not closed off from its environment, but an open vessel for life that flows through us, in relationship to all that is.

I am also interested in the magical aspects of creation, creating art as talisman. Creation in conjunction with intention increases the resonance of a dream or desire in the physical world.   Playing with clay, I can dream while awake, and I am very grateful to have this relationship.

Clay is a good teacher and generous with feedback. Often, I discover my true feelings about a situation, relationship or idea when I explore it in clay. Sometimes surprising emotions surface. I can always tell how much truth I’ve allowed to show by how much life glows through the resulting piece.