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This site is an exhibit of works of ceramic sculpture, vessels, and wall pieces by Teresa Sugg.
(Updated 2/22/2008)



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What's New

What's new? I'm back

In case you've been wondering just where I've been these past six years, I've been involved with a new love: coaxing sound and music from clay. You know how it is when you fall in're obsessed. I let the web-site fall by the wayside. Sorry.

I started out making sculptural whistles and ocarinas, and got hooked. It was a true addiction. I was up all night sometimes, trying to get good sound back after it disappeared. The first time I was able to achieve a full octave on one of my ocarinas I managed to impatiently wait until 7 am to burst into my bedroom and wake my poor husband with "Listen to this!!!" Let's just say he was less thrilled than I was.

After a while, I figured there had to be an easier and more predictable way, and started to root around in cyberspace for some personal coaching. Janie Rezner, in Fort Bragg, came to the rescue. Bless her heart and gratitude to the Great Mother who inspires her kindness. She coached me through making my first double ocarina, and was very generous with tips and techniques. Then I was even more obsessed, with making them, tuning them and then, with playing them. The sound of these instruments: double and triple chambered ocarinas, is so haunting, three dimensional and beautiful.

I'm very grateful for all those who have assisted me on this path. Among them, many thanks to Shairy, the Andean sound healer who inspired the beginning of this obsession and encouraged my fledging efforts, to Janie Rezner, who generously helped me, and to Sharon Rowell, who originally came up with the double and triple-chambered ocarina designs that have inspired me.

This August 23rd and 24th, 2008, I will be teaching a workshop in Walnut Creek, CA on how to make whistles and single or double-chambered ocarinas. Previous experience with clay is advantageous, however, beginners are welcome! The hands-on class will cover techniques for making, tuning and playing these user-friendly instruments. And you'll end up with your very own ocarina! For more information, contact Civic Arts Education @ (925) 943-5846 or artsed @

More images and a website update on the way ...

The works seen on these pages were all created between 1994 and the present time.